Most of Colleges and Schools have restricted their students to access to the Administrator account, that's why no one except who knows the Administrator account password can install any software. So today I will give you the way to crack Administrator accounts password in your college. If you are able to crack one PC's admin account then you may have access to all PC's administrator account as mostly in colleges all PC's have same password for the administrator account. We are going to crack admin account password without booting it, with OPHCrack. OPHCrack is the live operating system developed by SLITAZ.

First of all download the OPHCrack from here. Now make your pendrive bootable by using these tools which I mentioned in my previous tutorial. When you are ready with your bootable pendrive then just go to your victims PC whom passwords you want to crack then boot their computer.
Now to choose the booting device we have to press some function keys. It depends upon the vendor of the motherboard. It generally shown on boot-up logo of the vendor. In my case when I boot my computer and when boot-up logo appears then I will press F8 function key and the choice menu is open to choose from where I want to boot my machine, now just select your pendrive and press enter. Now you will come up with OPHCrack prompt as in picture shown.
If your pendrive is not shown in that menu then go to boot setting of your computer and select pendrive as your first device for booting.

Now at that prompt just hit enter and you are come up with this prompt and cracking of all users passwords is running automatically.

If the password of admin is more complex the OPHCrack might not crack it but you can save the hashes of all users account by clicking on "Save" button on top and choose the output format to text and save it in your pendrive or any drive of that system except C and after that copy it from there.
I suggest you to save it on any drive on that system why not on your pendrive, this is because some time we do not have write permission of our pendrive because our operating system is running from it at that time. You may use another pendrive to save it also.

After coping it try to crack those hashes at your home with some brute-force tools like Cain and Able that I introduced earlier also in my tutorial.

Thank you for your time on my blog please leave comments behind for any query or suggestion.

NOTE: This is for education purpose only. So do not think malicious and help other if they forgot their account password with this.


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