Hey Guys today I come up with new tutorial on how to setup up Ardamax keylogger to spy any of your friend and your children. Ardamax keylogger provides a vast range of functions like spying keystrokes, webcam capturing, chat logging, application tracking, screenshot capturing. You can send all logs on your ftp account like 000webhost. You also need to make it fully undetectable (FUD) to bypass antiviruses. Here is the tutorial on what settings we have to do while setting our keylogger.

Firstly download and install the Ardamax keylogger on your virtual machine or on your local machine.
I recommend to use any virtual machine to not infect your own machine and you can test your keylogger as well with this. The link for downloading Ardamax keylogger is given in the last. After running it you may see icon at taskbar, right click on it and click on remote installation. Then you have prompt open with you like in given picture.
Click on next button simply.

In the "Appearance" tab it is important that your keylogger should be installed in system directory in 1 and you may bind your program with your keylogger in 2.

Your keylogger should be invisible so that no one can detect it easily. In this tab check all option then click on next button.

In security tab click on "enable" button in 1 and set password for it in 2 and click OK. Also check all option as in 3.

In option tab, in 1 you should choose your own key to enable hidden mode means when you press this key combination then only keylooger will seem on taskbar. In 2 do not enable self destruct option.

This is very important step. In 1, you can choose your logs delivery method whether it is http or ftp. In my case it is ftp. In 2, the recommend time for sending keylogs is 10 minutes.

Now setup your ftp options, here give your ftp host name, your username and password and the folder for saving logs in 3. You can also test it by clicking on "TEST" button and check your log at your ftp account.

Click on next at this point. You can also change settings for each option given by it by clicking on it and then press Settings button.

Choose destination folder where to save your keylogger and you may also change its Icon as shown in picture.

Now your keylogger is ready to be build. Just press Finish button and you have opened with your explorer where it saved.

Here is the screen shot of where my keylogger is saved. It is in root directory of Ardamax keylogger.

Now bind it with any software and make it FUD with any crypter and spread it among your friends.


NOTE: This is for education purpose only. Do not misuse this for your own benefits.

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  1. do i have to create my website for this ?
    what is ftp host ?
    cant it send reports to my email address ?

    1. Yes, first you have to signup for a free account at 000webhost then they will provide you with ftp details, I think you have to study about ftp first. cheer :>)

  2. Harjeet Baidwan would be greatfull if u could tell me all the steps i need to learn ..or where i can learn them before learning this

  3. jus send it to my email any tips would help

  4. please i need an active link where i could download a crypter and binder for the ardmax keylogger


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