Hack and Exploit Network With Armitage (GUI For Metasploit)

So today I will demonstrate you how to hack into someone's PC with the ARMITAGE. ARMITAGE is the graphical implementation of METASPLOIT. Here I am not explaining all the basic stuff, so get to main work. The basic tool you need is BACKTRACK operating system in which ARMITAGE is already installed.



First of all let's scan the target for open ports. For this open the terminal in backtrack instance and give the command "nmap <target ip>". You can also give some options to nmap like -A for advance scanning and -sS for stealth scanning and many other just type nmap -h for help options over there.
So our target is up and running and open ports are 139,445,3389 and the services are also mentioned.

Now open the armitage by giving "armitage" command. Just go with the default settings and click on connect button.

It take some time to load some modules, so have patience for a time.

Now ARMITAGE is open and running, goto the HOST tab then add host or scan host and the prompt will open for entering the target ip address. Put target ip over there and click OK.

Now you can see in the picture that our target is entered. Now there is time for real hack, just select target icon in right top panel and goto the Attacks menu button and click on Hail Mairy attack. If this option is not visible at that time then firstly select launch exploit and then go for Hail Mairy Option.

As you can see Hail Mairy option tries each and every exploit matched for target system.

And if we succeed then the Icon gone red as shown in the picture below.

Now you got meterpreter session opened and you can do a lot of things with your target machine like take snapshot of desktop, download and upload any file,dump user sensitive information, stored passwords,etc.

NOTE - This is for education purpose only and do not do malicious things because if you caught then it may take you to jail.

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