The name Anonymous itself is inspired by the perceived anonymity under which users post images and comments on the Internet. Hackers make them self anonymous by hiding himself on internet.

Table of Contents: 

1.What is a proxy? 
2.Where can I get a proxy? 
3.How do I put the proxy into effect? 
4.How do I chain proxies? 
5.My proxy’s not working, what’s wrong? What should I do? 
6.What is Wingate? 
7.How can I find a wingate server? 
8.How can I use a wingate server to my advantage? 
9.How do I chain wingate servers? 

1.What is a proxy? 

A proxy is basically (in laments terms) is like a public IP address that anyone can use. It is used to disguise your own IP address. But even with a proxy, you will never be 100% anonymous. 

2.Where can I get a proxy? 

I would recommend getting one at 
Or if you don’t like that site, you can get one at the Magic Finding Tool. 
Magic Finding Tool 

3.How do I put the proxy into effect? 

To activate a proxy in Internet Explorer... 

-internet options 
-LAN settings 
-Put the proxy in, where it says proxy server. 

To check if your proxy is working go to 

Certain programs will let you have a proxy server. So if you have a program with a proxy option, just enter it there. Shouldn't be to hard. 

4.How do I chain proxies? 

Chaining proxies gives you even more anonymity. The more proxies you have chained the more anonymity you have. But if one proxy in the chain fails, the whole chain fails. So check your proxies frequently to make sure they are working. 


This is basically chaining a proxy server in your web browser’s address bar. Ex.... 
remember to seperate each proxy server with a "-_-" 
But this process is frankly a pain in the ass. Since you have to do each time you wan’t to go to a website. 
So you probably want to use.... 


to begin follow the steps that it takes to put a proxy in internet explorer... 
To chain proxies this way you simply just enter the proxies you want to be chained in the address box with their port number, then on the last proxy, put its port number in the port box. Example.... 
[address:] 333.333.333.333 [port:] 80 
Make sure the port and the proxy are separated by a ??

5.My proxy’s not working, what’s wrong? What should I do? 
Internet Explorer will not let dial up and VPN connections have a proxy, that could be your problem. In that case go to Raven’s IP changing tutorial, and change your IP. 
Another problem could be that your proxy is bad, and/or is offline. In that case, get another proxy. 

6.What is Wingate? 

WinGate is a software program which is used to allow more then 1 computer use 1 internet connection. Example: If you had 2 computers and 1 internet connection, WinGate would let you use that one connection between the 2 computers. Basically, Wingate is a proxy server set up by a local computer that runs on the default port 23 (Telnet). 

7.How can I find a wingate server? 

You can find a wingate server In 2 ways... 
The first way is to use a wingate scanner. This scans for wingate servers, and also takes a s**t-load of time. 
The second way is to find a website with a list of wingate servers. 
For both I would recommend using the Magic Finding Tool. Magic Finding Tool 

8.How can I use a wingate server to my advantage?   
You can use a wingate server to disguise your IP when Telneting to other computers. You basically do this by opening up your command prompt and typing.... 
C:\windows>telnet wingateserver 
Once your connected you should see something like... 
Now you type the IP and port you want to connect to. Ex 
WinGate> 23 
Once your connected to they will see the wingate IP, not yours. 

9.How do I chain wingate servers?  
To chain WinGate servers is very easy..... 
First connect to WinGate server #1... 
C:\windows>Telnet wingate1 
Now type in the Wingate server #2 
WinGate>Wingate2 23 
Now you can connect to your final destination. 
Wingate> 23 
And that is pretty much the basics of anonymity.

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