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I have been asked ways of getting an IP more than a dozen times, so I decided to save everyone some time and create this
tutorial. I hope you like it.

One of the ways you can is by receiving an Email. This is not 100% way because the sender could be using an encrypted
proxy thus bypassing transparent proxies, and leaving you the IP of there proxy. But there are very few people using
these. But normal proxies will not work.
Open Outlook Express (comes standard with win 95 and up). Next go to Files>Identies>Add New Identity. Then Type your
name or whatever you want and if you feel the need for password do so. The click ok, a new window should come up asking
for name, then after entered there is a place for email. Type in your hotmail account, then click next, next again
(unless you want to change anything on that page), the next window should have you enter your password for your hotmail
account. After this click finish and there it is. There should be a hotmail and symbol in the left-hand part of the
window. Click on it and then click Synchronize Account.
Now, you have made your hotmail account compatible with Outlook Express, the next step is very easy. Go to inbox, right
click on the message you want and go down to properties. A window should come up with the name of email subject at top,
then below that there is to tabs one marked General and one marked Details. Go to details there should be 2 to 3 lines
down in the window this X-Originating-IP: [x.x.x.x] (replace # with there IP). That is it, The X's should be numbers,
being there IP.

DC (direct connect):
This is a section on getting the IP trough Direct Connect. This is the way most commonly used while on an instant
messenger service. I will be explaining on MSN but it can be easily converted into another messenger. Open MSN and
sign on, find your victim and talk them into accept a file (any file you want) , now open dos and type netstat -n .
NetStat checks all of your ports to see if there is an active connection, if it finds one it tries to report the port #
(for sending a file on msn its in the 6000's) and finds the IP that is connecting to it. See now we can figure out the
victim's IP. With a little looking around the IP should be yours. Another method is using a firewall to get the ip on
direct connect. It is much easyer after it is configured. Download Sygate Firewall and install it. Reboot as it says
then get into the main screen of Sygate. Log onto MSN and go to the Syagte screen, and right click on MSN and go to
connection detials. Sevral different MSN connections. When you pick a victim, send him a file (same as net stat way)
then go back to Sygate, a new MSN connection should be added with there IP in the Ip Column. It should look like this is your IP)>x.x.x.x (their IP). This connection should go away soon after your done sending the file
so write it down fast.

Non-Tricky Ways:
The following are ways that are obvious you are attempting to get there IP (or your own if you don't know how to get it).
If your using dial up in windows go to Start>Run and type in winipcfg. Another way is website's have scripts that show
your IP. An example is

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