Changing your IP is easier then you think. In a matter of minutes you can have your IP address changed ten times if  you want! This tutorial is written from a Windows XP (yeah I hate it too) point of view, *NIX and MAC versions are  comming soon I take ABSOLUTELY NO responsibility for what you do with the information provided in this tutorial. This paper is  written to help people secure their networks, *NOT* to help attackers break in. This information is provided on a need-to-know basis, and you should not use any of the information provided for "naughty" (in Slarty's words) purposes. If you use this information incorrectly, there is a farily strong chance that you *WiLL* go to jail, and you  *WILL* get corn-holed. However, if you do choose to use this information, do your best not to drop the soap.

Checklist Of Necessary Information Needed:

The information you need to change your IP address is below:

1. Your IP address

2. Your IP Range

3. Your Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DHCP Server

Getting Your IP Address:

Getting your IP address is quite easy. This is how you do it:

1. Open up MS DOS Prompt, Command Prompt, or something of the kind. For this I am using Command Prompt. Only Windows
is set up with it, but all versions carry it. *Nix and MAC versions are comming soon, but Windows is the most used among newbies.NOTE: Remember, all versions of command prompt/MS

2. Next type the command "ipconfig" without the quotation marks. You should see a box like the one below. The IP address
 is the four hex number to the right of "IP Address".

Getting Your IP Range:

Alright, so lets pretend that your running the IP "" (NOTE: This IP was picked at random. Someone might
be running the same IP as posted here. I do not condone trying to hack it or any of the IPs that are used in this or any of my tutorials). Alright. You would want to pick out an IP
Range to switch to between "" and "".

Getting Your Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DHCP Server:

To get your Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DHCP Server do the following:

1. Open up MS Dos Prompt, Command Prompt, or anything of the kind.

2. Now type "ipconfig/all" without the quotations. Scroll through the information and pick out what you need.

Changing The IP:

Changing the IP from here is quite easy. Assuming you have written down the information you need or you kept the
ipconfig boxes open, proceed to the below.

1. You will need to get to the "Network Connections" screen in Windows. If you don't know how to do this, read below.

If your using Windows XP, simply click the start button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Either press the button labeled "Network Connections" Or go into the control Panel.
Click the button labeled "Network Connections".Now find the network connection that you use to connect to the internet. It will most likely be named your ISP companies name or "Local Area Connection".

2. After you have decided which one right click and press properties (or simply double click it).

Scroll down the menu in the middle and find the option labeled "Internet Protocol {TCP/IP}". Click it once and press

3. This is where you put the information you got earlier in. Press the "Use The Following IP Address" button. Put the
NEW IP address in the box labeled "IP Address". Your subnet mask should change itself. If not, make it up. Now put the default gateway that you got earlier in the box labeled "Default Gateway". Put your DNS Sever info in the box labeled "Perfered
DNS Server" and press enter.

4. Now reload a webpage. Did it load? Good! You are now using a new IP.

Hope this helps!


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  1. Thanks for giving information.
    Your Article was very useful for me.
    Recently i changed my ip address by the same way.
    Then i checked my new ip range using


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